Aberfeldy Distillery

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Pronunciation aber’feldy Pronunciation
Translation named after the nearby village meaning From the Mouth of the Pheallaidh Burn (Gaelic)
Region Highlands
Distiller John Dewar & Sons Ltd.
Owner John Dewar & Sons Ltd. (Bacardi-Martini)
Address Aberfeldy
PH15 2EB
Telephone +44 (0)1887 - 82 20 10
+44 (0)1887 - 82 20 12 (Fax)
LatLong 56° 37’ 26.5” N   03° 50’ 58.8” W
Altitude 100 m
Grid Reference NN865496
Website www.dewars.com
E-mail worldofwhisky@dewars.com
Open to public January - March : mo - sa 10:00 - 16:00
April - October : mo - sa 10:00 - 18:00, su 12:00 - 16:00
November - December : mo - sa 10:00 - 16:00
Last admission 1 hour before closing time
Closed Christmas and New Year holidays
Admission chargedSource : Dewar's World of Whisky 2008 leaflet

The Distillery was built on a piece of land bought by Dewar’s from the Marquis of Breadalbane. The railway along the Distillery made it easy to get the whisky to Dewar’s blending and bottling plant in Perth
Established and in production ever since, apart from the War years
Dewar’s White Label unveiled
Dewar House opened in London
Dewar’s amalgamate with rivals Buchanan’s to strengthen mutual interests and avoid competition
The firm buys "The MacNab", the portrait of the highlander by the famous Scottish painter Raeburn
Distillery closes due to wartime shortages of barley
Dewar’s buys distilleries at Aultmore (for £20,000), Ord, Parkmore and Pulteney to ensure supplies of single malt whiskies for blending
Becomes part of the Distillers Company Ltd. (DCL) when Dewar’s, Buchanan’s and Johnnie Walker’s amalgamate with DCL
Dewar’s produces the first documentary on the production and blending of Scotch whisky. Filmed at the Aberfeldy Distillery, and the company office in Perth, it documents the entire process from the ingredients, through distilling, blending, bottling and despatch
Transferred to Scottish Malt Distillers (SMD)
The distillery closes due to shortage of barley. Dewar’s is not able to meet demand for their whisky until 1962
Dewar’s Ancestor, a luxury blend of 12 year old whiskies is introduced. It replaces Victoria Vat as the company’s deluxe blend
Queen Elizabeth II grants Dewar’s her Royal Warrant
New production facilities open at Inveralmond in Perth, Scotland, to meet the ever growing demand for Dewar’s
The distillery expands. The number of wash backs increase from four to eight, and the stills from two to four. Own malting is stopped
Stills became steamheated
Owned by United Distillers (UD)
John Dewar’s & Sons Ltd. sold to Bacardi after merge United Distillers (UD) with International Distillers & Vintners (IDV) to Diageo plc. The deal, worth £1,150 million, included five malt distilleries and Bombay Sapphire Gin
Spring 2000
Opening of Visitor Centre "Dewar’s World of Whisky" in the old maltings
New bottling facilities open in Glasgow, bottling over 470 bottles per minute

Technical Specifications
General Water Source
Pitillie Burn also used by the Pitillie Distillery (1825-67)
  Annual Output 2,100,000 litres of alcohol (2006)
  Finished Spirit (phenols)
  Blending Roles
Most of the production into blends; Dewar’s White Label, Dewar’s Ancestor, Black & White
Malt Malt Source
  Malt Type
  Malt Specification (phenols) medium peated
  Own Malting Floor no
  Malt Storage
Mill Porteus
  Grist Storage
Mashing Mash Tun 1 stainless steel, full lauter, with a peaked dome
  Mash Size 6.8 tonnes
  First Water
  Second Water
  Third Water
  Fourth Water
Fermentation Washbacks 8 made of Siberian Larch, with switchers, 34,000 litres each
  Washback Charge
  Amount of Yeast
  Length of Fermentation
  Initial Fermentation Temp.
  Strength of Wash
Distillation Wash Stills 2, onion shaped, 17,000 litres each
  Wash Still Built
  Wash Still Charge
  Heat Source steamheated
  Wash Still Height
  Lyne Arm app. 10° ascending
  Low Wines Run
  Low Wines Collection Range
  Spirit Stills
2, onion shaped, 14,000 litres each
  Spirit Still Built
  Spirit Still Charge
  Strength of Spirit Still Charge
  Heat Source steamheated
  Spirit Still Height
  Lyne Arm app. 10° descending
  Foreshot Run
  Spirit Run
  Feints Run
  Spirit Cut
  Distilling Strength
Storage Storage Strength 63.5
  Average Spirit Yield
  Disposal of Pot Ale/Spent Lees
  Type of Casks mainly refills, also sherry and bourbon
  Warehouses none, all stored in Stirling
  Vatting and Bottling Location Stirling (vatting) & Glasgow (bottling)

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