Auchroisk Distillery

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Pronunciation o’thrusk Pronunciation
Translation Ford of the Red Stream
Region Highlands / Speyside
Distiller United Distillers & Vintners (UDV)
Owner United Distillers & Vintners (UDV) (Diageo plc)
Address Mulben
AB55 6XS
Telephone +44 (0)1542 - 88 50 00
+44 (0)1542 - 88 50 39 (Fax)
LatLong 57° 32’ 51.6” N   03° 06’ 48.2” W
Altitude 131 m
Grid Reference NJ334513
Open to public Open to public by appointment only
An old steam mill from Strathmill Distillery is preserved in the entrance hall
Eight stills
Warehouses can hold up to 265,000 casks

International Distillers & Vintners/IDV purchased the 220 acre Auchroisk Farm because Dories Well rises on its land
Building work begins with the cask handling area and what are now the No. 4 and 5 warehouses
The main construction work starts
Opened by International Distillers & Vintners (IDV)
Acquired by Watney Mann, brewers
Later that year acquired by Grand Metropolitan Hotels Ltd.
A mature single malt is ready and is launched as The Singleton because marketing people consider Auchroisk too difficult to pronounce to non-Scots. This refers to the expression used in the early days for Single Casks of Whisky at auction. Them coming as a single item instead of in parcels often implied exceptional quality or age
Won gold medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition and at the Monde Sélection
Now managed by Justerini & Brooks (Scotland) Ltd., a subsidiary of International Distillers & Vintners (IDV)
Distillery’s owners, Justerini & Brooks, is a subsidiary of International Distllers & Vintners/IDV which merges with United Distillers/UD to become United Distillers & Vintners/UDV
Owned by Diageo plc

Technical Specifications
General Water Source
for production from Dorie’s Well, a local spring that from granite through sandstone, for cooling from the Burn of Mulben
  Annual Output
  Finished Spirit (phenols)
  Blending Roles
mainly J&B
Malt Malt Source Usually from the Burghead Maltings
  Malt Type
  Malt Specification (phenols) unpeated
  Own Malting Floor
  Malt Storage
Mill Buhleur Miag
  Grist Storage
Mashing Mash Tun 1 stainless steel
  Mash Size 11.5 tonnes
  First Water
  Second Water
  Third Water
  Fourth Water
Fermentation Washbacks 8 made of stainless steel, without motors for the switchers, and without switchers. Per washback 4 stainless steel tubes with a reservoir outside the washback containing 'soap' which prevents froth
  Washback Charge 51,000 litres
  Amount of Yeast
  Length of Fermentation a minimum of 44 hours
  Initial Fermentation Temp.
  Strength of Wash
Distillation Wash Stills 4, 12,700 litres each
  Wash Still Built
  Wash Still Charge
  Heat Source steamheated
  Wash Still Height
  Lyne Arm
  Low Wines Run
  Low Wines Collection Range
  Spirit Stills
4, 7,900 litres each
  Spirit Still Built
  Spirit Still Charge
  Strength of Spirit Still Charge
  Heat Source steamheated
  Spirit Still Height
  Lyne Arm
  Coolers condensers
  Foreshot Run
  Spirit Run about 2.5 hours
  Feints Run
  Spirit Cut
  Distilling Strength
Storage Storage Strength
  Average Spirit Yield
  Disposal of Pot Ale/Spent Lees
  Type of Casks
  Vatting and Bottling Location


Distillery Manager
Mike Jappy (....-now)

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