Edradour Distillery

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Pronunciation edra’dauwer Pronunciation
Region Highlands
Distiller Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co. Ltd.
Owner Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co. Ltd.
Address Pitlochry
PH16 5JP
Telephone +44 (0)1796 - 47 20 95
+44 (0)1796 - 47 20 02 (Fax)
LatLong 56° 42’ 05.1” N   03° 42’ 07.2” W
Altitude 195 m
Grid Reference NN959579
Website www.edradour.co.uk
E-mail info@edradour.fsbusiness.co.uk
Open to public January - February : mo - sa 10:00 - 16:00, su 12:00 - 16:00
March - October : mo - sa 09:30 - 18:00, su 11:30 - 17:00
November - December : mo - sa 09:30 - 16:00, su 11:30 - 16:00
Closed 1 week over Christmas and New Year
Last tour starts 1 hour before stated closing time
No admission chargedSource : website 2007
Smallest distillery of Scotland

Established as Glenforres Distillery by a group of Perthshire farmers as a farm distillery (1837 mentioned as well)
The first year the distillery is mentioned
John MacGlashan & Co. is formed by the owners of the distillery as a proprietary company
James Reid & Co. when Donald Reid went bankrupt
John McIntosh & Co. when purchased by William Whitely & Co. Ltd., subsidiary of J.G. Turney & Sons of the USA.
Bought by William Whiteley, known as the "Dean of Distillers", with the idea of preserving the distillery as it was. The main reason was to use the output for blending. The "King's Ransome", one of the blends containing Edradour whisky and produced by Whiteley, was in the 1920s considered "the world’s most and expensive whisky". The distillery is renamed Glenforres-Glenlivet Distillery
Electricity was installed in the distillery
Pernod Ricard buys Campbell Distilleries
Campbell Distilleries (Pernod Ricard) buys Edradour and builds a visitor centre in the old malt barn
The first single malt is made available
Acquired by Pernod-Ricard and sold to Highland Distilleries Co. Ltd. ?? (see 1982)
Owned by Campbell Distillers (Pernod Ricard)
Acquired by Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co. Ltd. for £5.4 million. The whisky in stock is worth £3 million. Iain Henderson joins the staff as Director of Operations
As an experiment a heavily peated (50ppm) malt is produced
James McGowan becomes the new distillery manager
A completely new bottling plant is being built on a part of the carpark

Technical Specifications
General Water Source
for production from an underground source named Moulin, for cooling from the Edradour Burn
  Annual Output
  Finished Spirit (phenols)
  Blending Roles
Malt Malt Source
  Malt Type
  Malt Specification (phenols)
  Own Malting Floor
  Malt Storage
Mill none installed
  Grist Storage
Mashing Mash Tun 1, open
  Mash Size
  First Water
  Second Water
  Third Water
  Fourth Water
Fermentation Washbacks 2 made of Oregon Pine
  Washback Charge
  Amount of Yeast
  Length of Fermentation 48 hours
  Initial Fermentation Temp.
  Strength of Wash 6% abv
Distillation Wash Stills 1
  Wash Still Built
  Wash Still Charge
  Heat Source steamheated
  Wash Still Height
  Lyne Arm
  Low Wines Run
  Low Wines Collection Range
  Spirit Stills
1, 2,250 litres
  Spirit Still Built
  Spirit Still Charge
  Strength of Spirit Still Charge
  Heat Source steamheated
  Spirit Still Height
  Lyne Arm
  Foreshot Run
  Spirit Run
  Feints Run
  Spirit Cut
  Distilling Strength
Storage Storage Strength
  Average Spirit Yield
  Disposal of Pot Ale/Spent Lees
  Type of Casks before taken over by Signatory only sherry, after different for maturing as well as finishing
  Vatting and Bottling Location

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