Glenfiddich Distillery

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Pronunciation glen’fiddich Pronunciation
Region Highlands / Speyside
Distiller William Grant & Sons Ltd.
Owner William Grant & Sons Ltd.
Address Dufftown
AB55 4DH
Telephone +44 (0)1340 - 82 03 73
+44 (0)1340 - 82 08 05 or +44 (0)1340 - 82 20 83 (Fax)
LatLong 57° 27’ 13.2” N   03° 07’ 35.8” W
Altitude 156 m
Grid Reference NJ324409
Open to public early January - Easter : mo - fr 09:30 - 16:30
Easter - mid October : mo - fr 09:30 - 16:30, sa 09:30 - 16:30, su 12:00 - 16:30
mid October - mid December : mo - fr 09:30 - 16:30
Closed for Christmas and New Year holidays
Admission free, The Connoisseurs’ Tour chargedSource : Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail 2005 leaflet
Own floor malting and bottling line. First distillery to open a visitor centre

Established by William Grant, the son of a tailor in Dufftown. After 20 years of work at Mortlach Distillery and saving money William bought a site near Dufftown. He drew the water from the Robbie Dubh spring and bought the stills and plant second-hand from Cardhu Distillery for £ 120. On Christmas Day 1887 the first Spirit ran
Operated as the Glenfiddich Distillery Co.
Incorporated as William Grant & Sons Ltd.
The triangle shaped bottle was introduced. The products were put into tubes and gift tins
early 1960s
The directors of the company decided to sell the Whisky as a Single Malt, marketing it in the same way as the blends
4,000 cases of Single Malt were sold
119,500 cases of Single Malt were sold. The Distillery became the first whisky company to be honoured with the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement
Now 29 stills (11 wash and 18 spirit), gas- and coal-fired
Owned by William Grants & Sons Ltd.. 745,000 cases of Single Malt were sold
Stills became gasfired
Owned by William Grants & Sons Ltd.

Technical Specifications
General Water Source
for production and diluting the Robbie Dubh (Black Robert) spring, for cooling from the River Fiddich
  Annual Output
  Finished Spirit (phenols)
  Blending Roles
90% single malt, 10% for blending (William Grant's) or sold as Warhead (1% Balvenie added to prevent the malt is being sold as single malt)
Malt Malt Source
  Malt Type
  Malt Specification (phenols)
  Own Malting Floor
  Malt Storage
  Grist Storage
Mashing Mash Tun 2
  Mash Size
  First Water
  Second Water
  Third Water
  Fourth Water
Fermentation Washbacks 24 made of Oregon Pine
  Washback Charge
  Amount of Yeast
  Length of Fermentation
  Initial Fermentation Temp.
  Strength of Wash
Distillation Wash Stills 10, gasfired
  Wash Still Built
  Wash Still Charge
  Heat Source
  Wash Still Height
  Lyne Arm
  Low Wines Run
  Low Wines Collection Range
  Spirit Stills
20, gasfired
  Spirit Still Built
  Spirit Still Charge
  Strength of Spirit Still Charge
  Heat Source
  Spirit Still Height
  Lyne Arm
  Coolers condensers
  Foreshot Run
  Spirit Run
  Feints Run
  Spirit Cut
  Distilling Strength
Storage Storage Strength
  Average Spirit Yield
  Disposal of Pot Ale/Spent Lees
  Type of Casks mainly bourbon, 10% sherry
  Vatting and Bottling Location

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