Miltonduff Distillery

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Pronunciation milton’duff Pronunciation
Region Highlands / Speyside
Distiller George Ballantine & Sons
Owner Chivas Brothers Ltd. (Pernod Ricard)
Address Elgin
IV30 3TQ
Telephone +44 (0)1343 - 54 74 33
+44 (0)1343 - 54 88 02 (Fax)
LatLong 57° 37’ 28” N   03° 22’ 10” W
Grid Reference NJ183602
Open to public Open to public by appointment only during weekdays
As well as the distillery, the Miltonduff complex also houses the following departments: Laboratories which analyse process and bio-plant samples from all Allied Distillers Ltd. (ADL) malt distilleries; an engineering department; centralised warehouse management and the Malt Distilleries Technical Centre which provides technical and business back-up to the distilleries. These activities have led to several innovative processes being pioneered at Miltonduff

Mesh flooring and good ventilation was the traditional solution to CO2. At Miltonduff CO2 extraction was introduced. The 18 wash backs are completely enclosed, with the CO2 being drawn off by extractor fans

Said to have been founded on the site of a meal mill at Pluscarden Abbey by Andrew Pearey & Robert Bain as Miltonduff-Glenlivet
Pearey & Bain licensees, when A. Pearey withdrew
Andrew Pearey
Distillery acquired by William Stuart.
Stewart & Fraser when dissolved
Continued by William Stewart & Co.
William Stuart joined by Thomas Yool. Distillery expanded during the 1890's with annual production increased to 750,000 litres of alcohol
Extended by Thomas Yool & Co. which continued to operate until 1936. Annual production of 300,000 proof gallons (1.3 million litres)
Suffered badly from the whisky crash
Distillery and 200 acres of farmland acquired by Hiram Walker-Gooderman & Worts Ltd. which licensed it to George Ballantines & Sons
Passed to Hiram Walker & Sons (Scotland) Ltd.
A new method of heating the wash stills was introduced. Passing the wash through a series of heat exchangers (using hot water from the condensers) prior to charging the still would heat the wash to 75-80°C. Once the still had been charged, wash would then be drawn and passed through another heat exchanger where steam would heat the wash to boiling point. The vaporised wash would be returned to the still via a diffuser and in turn heat the residual wash in the still. This would continue until the distillation was complete.
A Lomond wash and spirit still are installed, to produce a whisky known as Mosstowie, installed 1964 and removed 1981
1970s & 1980s
Single malt bottled by owner
Largely rebuilt, 6 Miltonduff stills, the number of wash backs increased from 8 to 18. Dark-grains plant. Reception centre. Licensed to George Ballantine & Son Ltd.
Due to increased demand, Mosstowie stills altered to produce Miltonduff. Distillery now has a maximum annual output of 5.4 million litres of alcohol
> 1980s
Single malt bottled by Gordon & MacPhail
Distillery a subsidiary of Allied Distillers Ltd. (ADL)
Owned by Allied Distillers Ltd. (ADL)
Owned by Allied Distillers Ltd. (ADL)

Technical Specifications
General Water Source
for production from the Black Burn, for cooling from different local springs, collected in a loch and piped to the distillery
  Annual Output 3,500,000 litres of alcohol (October 1999)
  Finished Spirit (phenols)
  Blending Roles
small part for single malt. 50% Sold to blenders, rest in own blends (Ballantine's, Teacher's, Old Smuggler)
Malt Malt Source Kilgour/Munton
  Malt Type Prisma, Derkado, Optic
  Malt Specification (phenols)
  Own Malting Floor
  Malt Storage 8 Malt Bins, holding a total of 250 tonnes
Mill Porteus
  Grist Storage 1 Hopper, holding 15 tonnes
Mashing Mash Tun 1 made of stainless steel, semi-lauter
  Mash Size 14.5 tonnes
  First Water
  Second Water
  Third Water
  Fourth Water
Fermentation Washbacks 18 made of stainless steel with a capacity of 38,000 litres each which are all completely sealed to drain carbondioxide off safely
  Washback Charge
  Yeast brewers & distillers
  Amount of Yeast
  Length of Fermentation
  Initial Fermentation Temp.
  Strength of Wash
Distillation Wash Stills 3, onion shaped, fitted with external heat extraction, with a capacity of 18,000 litres each, charged with 17,000 litres, app. 15ft high
  Wash Still Built
  Wash Still Charge
  Heat Source
  Wash Still Height
  Lyne Arm relatively steep drop at approximately 30°
  Low Wines Run 5 hours
  Low Wines Collection Range
  Spirit Stills
3, onion shaped, fitted with steam kettles and a capacity of 17,500 litres each, charged with 17,000 litres, app. 15ft high
  Spirit Still Built
  Spirit Still Charge
  Strength of Spirit Still Charge
  Heat Source
  Spirit Still Height
  Lyne Arm relatively steep drop at approximately 30°
  Coolers condensers
  Foreshot Run \
  Spirit Run   > the spirit distillation takes app. 8 hours
  Feints Run /
  Spirit Cut
  Distilling Strength
Storage Storage Strength
  Average Spirit Yield
  Disposal of Pot Ale/Spent Lees
  Type of Casks bourbon
  Warehouses space for 54,000 casks on site
  Vatting and Bottling Location

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